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Vintage Americana – Miss Colour Of Couture

My vintage americana outfit for Miss CoC

Glasses: /artilleri/ Greta glasses *orange*

Hair: /artilleri/ Sabina hair *blacks*

Necklace: /artilleri/ Wenche necklace

Shoes: [Cliche] Nikita Stillettos Sevilla-Orange (boxed) 2.0

Eyelashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N06

Skirt & Top: House Of Dragovar


Jeans – MBMA Challenge

My styled outfit for a class challenge at MBMA

Shoes: ::GB:: Gladiator Sandals Brown

Pants: ::GB::Harf denim for Women

Jewelry: ::GB::medaille Series female(Bronze)

Shirt: Boho Baku~ Twills rose teal paisley skirt set display

Eyelashes: EyeLashes! Swept Away EyeLashesBoxed 2Sizes From TF

Hair: Tukinowaguma Ali Ebony

Jacket: ::GB:: Megu Fur Jacket Black

School and faith

I started Mimmi Boa’s academy today as I wait for my next shot at 105 with MVW, I love listening to Mimmi talk. I truly adore this woman. I think going to her classes will be easy for me because I actually enjoy them quite a bit.

Our upcoming challenge for CoC presented a problem for me…I could not find the outfit I wanted that really screamed the theme. So…I made it. The outfit I’ll be wearing, the base outfit, is made by moi. Now, that took a bit of courage to decide upon but I truly believe that I am talented enough to pull this off as a designer and model. I have been proven wrong before but I figure I’m right this time. 😉 The accessories I found and poses….mwah! I’m looking forward to showing the judges what I have now that I’ve had a little lesson in believing in myself.

In other news, I get to write the exam for MODA Primetime….squeals like a…well, girl. laughs.

I’m tired and heading to bed.

Kisses from,


Challenges and a great lesson

This last week was so insanely busy, it was such a blur. I had a pyjama challenge for the runway for CoC, Miss Colour Of Couture and wow! Pyjamas are nearly non-existent in Second Life. Who would have thought? I honestly do not think I did my best, I played it safe as I had so much going on. Taps her hand….naughty Lady. I’ll do better next time. I had another challenge, oh, I enjoyed that so much! I love that outfit, I may live in it. That one will be posted to flickr, so you can find it at once it goes up. I had a surprise outfit to style too, we all did, for a shoot. I really enjoyed that as well.

At the same point, I was in 105 at Miss Virtual World all weekend and boy, was I scared. Something about Frolic just panicked me…I’m not sure what it was, but lordy…I was a mess! Suddenly, I lost all ability to do anything and all faith in myself. It’s really no one’s fault it was just one of those things but something very positive came of it. First of all, everyone was so incredibly supportive of me even as I flopped about helplessly, laughs. Kay Fairey, by the way, must be one of the greatest people I have ever met in SL. Supportive, kind to a fault and a fantastic person….if you ever meet her, understand, you are blessed. Frolic, by the way, was so inspirational. He gave no holds barred honest critiques that really helped and while he may have caused me to fall into a deadly panic…laughs…you should have seen him after graduation. Not everyone passed, of course and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m one of those who did not pass on my first try this time. Frolic was so understanding and supportive of each of us who did not, ensuring we did not give up and understood that it really just gave extra time to do better. It was great of him but even more inspirational was his reaction to the few who got truly upset and publicly so. Frolic was a voice of calm, not a touch of anger, just understanding and supportive. I do not think I’ll ever panic around him again, what a great guy. Seriously. Say what you might but I’m going off first-hand knowledge.

Blackbarbie Bravin….this woman, much like Kay, has so much on her plate and yet, found time to offer to take a look at what I wore and what I did and offer suggestions on how I could improve. I honestly have to tell you, these people feel like family and I’m so very lucky, I cannot possibly be upset about having to spend more time with them. I hope she adopts me as her daughter. laughs

I start Mimmi Boa’s on the 16th and I go back to try again at MVW in May, I’m very excited about both. I’ve an opportunity to learn so very much more and meet many more great people and I’ve another runway challenge coming up for Miss Coc! It’s a doozy….I have studied up and it looks so lovely! I’m excited. I sure hope you’ll consider joining us at the Colour Of Couture runway shows and keep up to date on what’s going on, it’s a fantastic adventure we are all on.

Kisses from,


Now, THAT is fabulous!

The last week has been an absolute blur. I had two challenges to style for Miss CoC (Colour Of Couture), Afrocentric and pyjama party. I feel I achieved both very well but I’ll admit it was definitely a challenge. I’m very picky about my styling about the final look and about what I’m representing, so each meant literally hours of pouring through stores and marketplace sections, finding things I thought perhaps I might like and then really not liking them. laughs. I can be such a girl. On top of that, there was another styling for another outfit for a shoot and a headshot to do. I did manage all of them, minus the runway challenge for tomorrow, Saturday, which I’m prepared for. Now, that is all fabulous and I’ll tell you, I met some amazing photographers and people on the way through these challenges..including a chat with models at Evolve…beautiful,beautiful girls who were so friendly. But, that was not the highlight of the week.

I held a casting for my own designs and did a total of over 50 shots with my on call photographer, Daron Brandeis….a unique casting. These girls and guys were half models and half role players as I design many fantasy clothes. We helped them to shape correctly and to style correctly and boy were they excited. It was a lot like giving birth and watching them smile and do the shoot, hearing that awakening of a diva in each of them…THAT was fabulous! I love making people happy, I love helping people and I love making others feel fantastic. What a long and amazing day that was. Thank you to Daron Brandeis and Sazzy Nirpaw for the help and the brilliance that day. Amongst these models were many models of note, including Miss Virtual USA, Michela. What an absolute honor to work with each of them.

To say this week was busy with all of that alone would have been an understatement but that was not all. I’ve been preparing for this weekend, today is day one of my final weekend, my 105 in Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy. -winks- I know I should likely feel scared, incredibly nervous… but, I do not. I’m thrilled, I’m excited to face my next challenge. I feel like I can fly, I can climb mountains and each step brings me closer to reaching the rainbow. Each step is just pure pleasure. My only hope is that I’ve not ignored anyone too much on my way.

Girls, remember this….Give. When you think you can give no more, give. When you think you are too busy, stop and give. It’s the most rewarding thing in the world, be it a hug, some time or just a smile. Stop and smell the roses….it’s what kept me going all week.



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I like to think

As many are aware, I’ve entered the Miss Colour Of Couture contest and am in fact, a finalist. I cannot hope to express to you what this means to me, but I will try.

To begin, I have the opportunity to be a role model of sorts, a person to look up to, a visible source of encouragement for women of colour of everywhere. This would, in itself, be extremely meaningful and make it worth the attempt but too, this gives me an opportunity to be an agent of change. This is, of course, equally as lovely as an opportunity. Beyond this, it is an opportunity to work with a wonderful organization and as well, to learn so very much all while continuing a career and love in the fashion industry. If it sounds like it’s overwhelming in its meaning, perhaps it is because it is and should be. It’s really a fantastic chance.

I am extremely new to the fashion industry in Second Life and so new, in fact, one might state it was bold of me to even consider trying out for such a contest. Bolder yet, likely, to say what I am about to say.

Beginning a career in fashion has made me truly think and I love to think, I have a great passion for learning and knowledge but also for questioning myself and everything around me. First, I had to ask myself if I truly felt that I had any place even attempting to try for this contest and title. The meaning it holds is very large, to many and I had to consider whether or not I felt I could really live up to it. In that question, came yet others. What is a good role model? What in fact makes a person right to hold such a title?

I believe that a good role model is steady, a person who truly believes in things and carries through on their beliefs and their words, who does what they believe to be right because it is right and for no other reason. I believe a good role model cares about what they do, cares about who they affect and how and is consistently thinking of such matters. Above all, I truly believe that a good role model does not change themselves or back down on their beliefs to win a title, an applause or in fact, anything else. I have encountered very little, if any, cattiness or judgement within the industry thus far and am grateful for it but know in my heart that in such contests, it is possible to face such things and to then, be faced with choices on how one might handle it. I did consider every possibility, every minute one that I could think of, before entering.

I did even look deeply and introspectively at everything I do, believe in and take part in and asked myself, was I ready to be judged and do so knowing my imperfections and knowing that my choices may or may not always be considered mainstream or “appropriate”. I’d like to share my conclusion with you.

I have been told that I am unusual, that I am incredibly honest and that I am, in fact, the wind of change wherever I go. I am a leader and I do not run from this. I am imperfect and I admit to my faults, I am publicly and privately, merely who I am. I am a caring and unique individual with strong beliefs and the passion to carry through on following those beliefs. I care about this, very much and will see it through regardless of the results, I will do so as myself. I will not become someone I am not nor be ashamed of anything I am in doing so, regardless of what others may say or think and I will continue to stand as a wall in the face of predujism, be it against a person’s colour, race,ideals or lifestyle.

At the end of the day, I want and need to look into a mirror and be proud of myself, my actions and my choices…win or lose. That is the crown I want most…self love…pride in myself and the knowledge that I did my best and what was right. If, in doing that, I can and am permitted the great honor of becoming Miss Colour of Couture…then truly, I will be blessed and on another great journey. In the meantime, I shall enjoy this opportunity to learn and to know the other amazing finalists, the chance to grow as a person and a model.

Each thing in life is a series of choices and what those choices are define us as people.

I like thinking.

Lady Stromfield