Fashion and more in Second Life

The Big Finale

The big finale is looming, it hits on the 5th and 6th of May respectively. Miss Colour of Couture will be chosen, crowned and all of this hard work and excitement will culminate then into one final triumphant moment until next year, then of course the true work will begin for Miss CoC. I apologise for not posting, but I’ve been styling my little pixel bum off. laughs. However, you can catch us all tomorrow on Pulse TV Fashion Fix, be sure to watch and catch us all one more time before the big weekend. You’ll catch the designs of Evolve and oh, it’s so worth catching, if you watch. Trust me, these outfits left me drooling.

In other news, as of Monday, I’ll be blogging for Lacosta Designs. It may be new but believe when I state, it will fast be a favourite. I’m honoured to be brringing these designs to your attention.

Keep in touch and watch for news. 🙂

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