Fashion and more in Second Life

A story of a Lady

As he stepped into my studio, light glancing over his crown as if striking at him in feigned jest, the smile dropped from his ever confident lips. I rose from my perch at the side wall, where often, I sat merely thinking…musing, if you will.

We had met before, not too long ago. Karma has a funny way of ensuring that life remains circular. It is for this very reason that I had learned well to take caution in my dealings and approach, a lesson he had not yet fully realised until today. I smiled warmly, darkened orbs caressing my surroundings as I absorbed not just him, but every small detail, casting it to memory as I inhaled one sharp breath, piercing him with determination.

His lips pooled in worry, often so beautiful and stoic, now unable to hide that he too was merely human and not immune to the doubt that now plagued him. I strode to him, a playful smirk crossing ruby lips as my fingers rose to a “come hither” motion, one hand grasping my camera firmly. I half turned with impish delight, my curves catching every shadow… “It’s time for your close up, dear”.

Shirt: ! RFyre  RFYRE AURELE Buff

Earings: * Baiastice_Enigma silver & gold  earrings-resizable

Shoes: Blueberry Boula Heels Left in Brown and Copper

Eyelashes: EyeLashes! Swept Away EyeLashesBoxed 2Sizes From TF

Hair: Vanity Hair::Eden HP blacks

Pants: {Happy} Preen Pants (Oat)

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