Fashion and more in Second Life

School and faith

I started Mimmi Boa’s academy today as I wait for my next shot at 105 with MVW, I love listening to Mimmi talk. I truly adore this woman. I think going to her classes will be easy for me because I actually enjoy them quite a bit.

Our upcoming challenge for CoC presented a problem for me…I could not find the outfit I wanted that really screamed the theme. So…I made it. The outfit I’ll be wearing, the base outfit, is made by moi. Now, that took a bit of courage to decide upon but I truly believe that I am talented enough to pull this off as a designer and model. I have been proven wrong before but I figure I’m right this time. 😉 The accessories I found and poses….mwah! I’m looking forward to showing the judges what I have now that I’ve had a little lesson in believing in myself.

In other news, I get to write the exam for MODA Primetime….squeals like a…well, girl. laughs.

I’m tired and heading to bed.

Kisses from,



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