Fashion and more in Second Life

Challenges and a great lesson

This last week was so insanely busy, it was such a blur. I had a pyjama challenge for the runway for CoC, Miss Colour Of Couture and wow! Pyjamas are nearly non-existent in Second Life. Who would have thought? I honestly do not think I did my best, I played it safe as I had so much going on. Taps her hand….naughty Lady. I’ll do better next time. I had another challenge, oh, I enjoyed that so much! I love that outfit, I may live in it. That one will be posted to flickr, so you can find it at once it goes up. I had a surprise outfit to style too, we all did, for a shoot. I really enjoyed that as well.

At the same point, I was in 105 at Miss Virtual World all weekend and boy, was I scared. Something about Frolic just panicked me…I’m not sure what it was, but lordy…I was a mess! Suddenly, I lost all ability to do anything and all faith in myself. It’s really no one’s fault it was just one of those things but something very positive came of it. First of all, everyone was so incredibly supportive of me even as I flopped about helplessly, laughs. Kay Fairey, by the way, must be one of the greatest people I have ever met in SL. Supportive, kind to a fault and a fantastic person….if you ever meet her, understand, you are blessed. Frolic, by the way, was so inspirational. He gave no holds barred honest critiques that really helped and while he may have caused me to fall into a deadly panic…laughs…you should have seen him after graduation. Not everyone passed, of course and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m one of those who did not pass on my first try this time. Frolic was so understanding and supportive of each of us who did not, ensuring we did not give up and understood that it really just gave extra time to do better. It was great of him but even more inspirational was his reaction to the few who got truly upset and publicly so. Frolic was a voice of calm, not a touch of anger, just understanding and supportive. I do not think I’ll ever panic around him again, what a great guy. Seriously. Say what you might but I’m going off first-hand knowledge.

Blackbarbie Bravin….this woman, much like Kay, has so much on her plate and yet, found time to offer to take a look at what I wore and what I did and offer suggestions on how I could improve. I honestly have to tell you, these people feel like family and I’m so very lucky, I cannot possibly be upset about having to spend more time with them. I hope she adopts me as her daughter. laughs

I start Mimmi Boa’s on the 16th and I go back to try again at MVW in May, I’m very excited about both. I’ve an opportunity to learn so very much more and meet many more great people and I’ve another runway challenge coming up for Miss Coc! It’s a doozy….I have studied up and it looks so lovely! I’m excited. I sure hope you’ll consider joining us at the Colour Of Couture runway shows and keep up to date on what’s going on, it’s a fantastic adventure we are all on.

Kisses from,



2 responses

  1. I loveeee BB and Kay too! and good luck hun 🙂 I’ll be cheering for you woot woot!

    April 10, 2012 at 4:20 am

    • Yay! Someone is cheering for me! giggles happily. Thak you, stylish! You made my day 🙂

      April 10, 2012 at 4:47 am

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