Fashion and more in Second Life

Now, THAT is fabulous!

The last week has been an absolute blur. I had two challenges to style for Miss CoC (Colour Of Couture), Afrocentric and pyjama party. I feel I achieved both very well but I’ll admit it was definitely a challenge. I’m very picky about my styling about the final look and about what I’m representing, so each meant literally hours of pouring through stores and marketplace sections, finding things I thought perhaps I might like and then really not liking them. laughs. I can be such a girl. On top of that, there was another styling for another outfit for a shoot and a headshot to do. I did manage all of them, minus the runway challenge for tomorrow, Saturday, which I’m prepared for. Now, that is all fabulous and I’ll tell you, I met some amazing photographers and people on the way through these challenges..including a chat with models at Evolve…beautiful,beautiful girls who were so friendly. But, that was not the highlight of the week.

I held a casting for my own designs and did a total of over 50 shots with my on call photographer, Daron Brandeis….a unique casting. These girls and guys were half models and half role players as I design many fantasy clothes. We helped them to shape correctly and to style correctly and boy were they excited. It was a lot like giving birth and watching them smile and do the shoot, hearing that awakening of a diva in each of them…THAT was fabulous! I love making people happy, I love helping people and I love making others feel fantastic. What a long and amazing day that was. Thank you to Daron Brandeis and Sazzy Nirpaw for the help and the brilliance that day. Amongst these models were many models of note, including Miss Virtual USA, Michela. What an absolute honor to work with each of them.

To say this week was busy with all of that alone would have been an understatement but that was not all. I’ve been preparing for this weekend, today is day one of my final weekend, my 105 in Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy. -winks- I know I should likely feel scared, incredibly nervous… but, I do not. I’m thrilled, I’m excited to face my next challenge. I feel like I can fly, I can climb mountains and each step brings me closer to reaching the rainbow. Each step is just pure pleasure. My only hope is that I’ve not ignored anyone too much on my way.

Girls, remember this….Give. When you think you can give no more, give. When you think you are too busy, stop and give. It’s the most rewarding thing in the world, be it a hug, some time or just a smile. Stop and smell the roses….it’s what kept me going all week.



P.S. You can follow our photo challenges at and you can follow everything Colour Of Couture at


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